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Bike To The Ballot | Presented By Cool Ass Black Woman.

Bike To The Ballot | A Bike Ride & Community Voters Registration Event! 

On Oct. 17th, 2020, Bike or No Bike, join us at RIDE ON! Bike Shop and Sole Folks  from 11:00AM - 5:00PM to register to vote, learn about voting in your local election, and #BikeToTheBallot! Bike ride begins at 12:00 PM. Education provided by @RockTheVote and @NewBlackEra + More!

Presented by @CoolAssBlackWoman and Sponsored by @BoxedWater & @HappyPeriod 

Scan the QR Code OR Text 'Bike To The Ballot' to 788-683 to register, check your status and more...

Register Today! It's our community and each voice matters... YOUR voice matters, make sure it's heard!

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